Parents’ Duties

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To be a parent is to be intimately concerned with your children’s welfare— who they are, who they become, and what to do. But, as with many things, there is a line carefully walked between being concerned and smothering, teaching your children and controlling them.

Mormons have always believed very strongly in free will, but they also believe very strongly in community. We are individuals, but we are also connected, and we should always treat others with love and respect, especially if they depend on us, as children do. To be self sufficient is not, in the beliefs of Mormonism, to be alone. Thus, parents must teach children to earn their own keep and “be their own people,” while also keeping family ties strong.

Parents must give their children love and instruction. They must guide their children and be willing to discipline. But they must not make their children feel constantly judged or unwelcome.

The Mormon faith recognizes that parenting is difficult, but asserts that it’s a role with endless and eternal importance, and that God will guide parents, as they strive to guide their children.

Responsibility: Mothers and Fathers

In Mormonism, mothers and fathers play sacred and separate roles—and they are equal ones.  Mormons do believe strongly in the traditional family, but they also believe that fathers should be very involved in family life, as well as in “bread-winning,” and that mothers are not to be subservient to fathers. (Read more)

Loving Your Children

Children love you.  They are born loving their parents.  It’s part of who they are as children.  And it’s absolutely essential to love them back.  They can’t help loving you, and if you restrain yourself from loving them, if you don’t act loving and nurturing, there’s little else you can do to make up for it.  (Read more)

Teaching Your Children

A child’s first classroom is the home—and the home is probably the most important “classroom” there is, at that—not only in the intellectual sense, but in the emotional and moral and social sense as well.  In fact, researchers believe that children can’t perform as well in school as they might if parents don’t take an active hand in their education.  (Read more)

Discipline and Love

Sometimes, it seems as if anything goes in today’s world, including misbehavior.  But while some parents let their children do as they will, regardless of what effect it has on the child and others, some go too far in the opposite direction.  What do Mormons believe?  (Read more)

Decreasing Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry is very common and possibly inevitable, in Mormon families as well as any, but you can decrease the conflict that your children have with each other.  Prepare your children for the arrival of more siblings and teach them how to interact with each other without fighting. (Read more)

Raising Children with Disabilities

In the beliefs of Mormonism, all children are precious in the eyes of God and all children have infinite worth, regardless of the difficulties they may be born with.  Parents usually do not expect to have disabled children, and it is natural to find it initially upsetting.  Research shows that, ultimately, parents feel that their lives and families are blessed by the presence of a disabled child, but the adjustment can take time. (Read more)

Parenting Children With Learning Disabilities

A child with a learning disability can do anything anyone else can do, but may have to do it differently and work much harder at it. Learn how a parent can help the child have a successful life in spite of, and even because of, a learning disability. (Read more)

Creating Learning Centered Homes

Every home should be  a house of learning, where children are taught to value life-long, self-directed learning. (Read more.)

Teaching Language Skills to Babies: Language development begins right at birth. Parents can prepare their babies to have strong language skills through simple, everyday activities. (Read more.)

Combating Materialism in Children: Do your children ask for too many toys? Do they own too many things? Learn how to raise children who are not focused on having excessive possessions. (Read more.)

What is Homeschooling? Homeschooling is growing in popularity. Learn how it works and how to know if it’s right for your family. (Read more.)

Strengthening Families Through Homeschooling: Because homeschooled families spend a great deal of time together, parents have almost unlimited opportunities to bring their families closer together. (Read more.)

Getting Children Interested in Genealogy: Genealogy teaches history in a personal way, but also helps children understand their choices can impact generations to come.

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