Education in the Home

Creating Learning Centered Homes

book-of-mormon-familyEvery home should be  a house of learning, where children are taught to value life-long, self-directed learning. (Read more.) Here are a variety of topics on making your home a house of learning.

Having Effective Story Times: Family story times are an essential part of raising readers.

Teaching Language Skills to Babies: Language development begins right at birth. Parents can prepare their babies to have strong language skills through simple, everyday activities. (Read more.)

Combating Materialism in Children: Do your children ask for too many toys? Do they own too many things? Learn how to raise children who are not focused on having excessive possessions. (Read more.)

What is Homeschooling? Homeschooling is growing in popularity. Learn how it works and how to know if it’s right for your family. (Read more.)

Strengthening Families Through Homeschooling: Because homeschooled families spend a great deal of time together, parents have almost unlimited opportunities to bring their families closer together. (Read more.)

Teaching Children to Read at Home:

This multi-part series teaches you how to teach your child to read at home without pressure and with minimal expense. This is helpful for parents whose children want to read early, for those homeschooling, and for parents whose children are simply not succeeding in their school lessons.

Part 1: What your child needs before he reads. Don’t start the process until he has this basic life experience.

Part 2: Reading Readiness Your child needs a good imagination and matching skills, among other things, to be a good reader. Here’s how to give him those skills.

Part 3: Colors and Shapes. The skills used in learning colors and shapes prepare a child for the abstractions of letters and words. Fun and easy ways to teach these skills.

Part 4: The alphabet. Singing the alphabet is only the start. Help your child learn to recognize and match the letters, both lowercase and uppercase.

Part 5: Reading First Words: The first words a child learns should be his name and the names of those he loves.

Part 6: Phonics

Part &: Reading Sentences: The first sentences are personal and lead to the creation of a first reading book that is all about your child.

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