Strengthening Individuals

Mormon FamilyTeaching by Example

Elder H. Burke Peterson, a leader in the Mormon Church, spoke about a father’s duty to his family and of the need to be prepared and “listening.” “Remember, fathers, you are always teaching—for good or for ill. Your family is learning your ways and beliefs.” (”The Father’s Duty to Foster the Welfare of His Family,” Ensign, Nov. 1977, p. 88.) (Read more)

Teaching Responsibility

In order to teach our children responsibility, we must allow them to make certain decisions and choices for themselves. However, parents first have the responsibility to teach the principles and laws of their faith to their children – Mormon parents should teach the principles of  Mormon religion to their children, not rely on others to do so. Then they must see that their children clearly understand the positive and negative consequences of their choices. (Read more)

Setting Limits

The limits and boundaries that parents set can help teach children the best ways to live as well as demonstrate love and concern. As children grow and develop, they explore many ways of behaving. Children try different behaviors to develop their personalities and to learn what is acceptable. Not everything a child tries is right or acceptable. It is important that children be directed by their parents. The purpose of setting limits is to show children the paths to happiness. It is part of what it means to “train up a child,” in Mormon belief (see Proverbs 22:6). (Read more)

Helping Children Learn

Children learn from the world they live in. It does not have to be a world rich in material goods, but if you are willing to give of your time and talent, you will give your children a rich world in which to learn.

Mom Helps Doug:

Doug was in his third year of school and was behind in reading. The doctors had said his vision was good and he had no learning disabilities. He did resist reading, however, and instead of studying spent every afternoon hiking in the hills behind his home. When his parents sent him to his room to read a chapter in his book before he could come out, he would build a castle out of blocks or draw pictures. (Read more)

Teaching about Procreation and Chastity

God expects parents in the LDS (or Mormon) Church to teach their children about procreation and chastity and to prepare them for dating and marriage. This responsibility should not be left to schools, friends, playmates, or strangers. The beliefs of Mormonism state that Heavenly Father wishes his children to understand how to use this great and holy power wisely and reverently. If parents will seek the guidance of the Spirit in humble prayer, God will help them teach their children about this sacred power. (Read more)

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